Thursday, March 13, 2008

Something about Potential

It is innate ability. What you can do but you have NOT done i.e. you have the ability either u know it or not!

Most potential are not unearthed and worked out because of two things:

1. Ignorance of your potential (Not knowing what you can do)
2. Incapacity (Not being able to do what you know!)

Both of the above can be cured.

1. Ignorance of your potential
I will show two Scriptures for the two extremes.
Hos. 4v6 - My people perish for lack of knowledge
Jos. 1v8 - This book of the law shall not depart ... then you will make yourself prosperous and have good success
The third buttresses the second
Ps. 1v2-3 - shall the knowledge of wisdom

These are keys and you are admonished to search for knowledge, don't be idle, look everywhere and search. Go to mentors to tell you how to know your potentials. The first mentor you have is the Holy Spirit. I think you can pray that He should come in and unearth your potential to the full glare for you.
Then there are great distinguished men out there to help you out. Books are the greatest way you learn experience virtually (if you know what I mean). You don't need to be there to be there actually. Get the experience of those that have been there through their literatures!

2. Incapacity to fulfil your potential
The very instance in the Scriptures of the man with infirmity for 38yrs beside Sea of Bethsaida is a very important case I want us to consider here (John 5v5). He told Jesus I know what to do but don't have the capacity to carry it out...u know the story. This can be solved by first getting a higher hand and using a principle I call KUD (pronounce as in cord). The acronym means knowledge Understanding Doing.

NB. Material on KUD will be sent to you ASAP.

In the meantime, keep unearthing your potential, Shalom!

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