Monday, February 10, 2014

My MOOCs Journey!

I have had some bit of time with MOOCs in recent times. My first MOOC was actually the first started by Edx in March 2012 on “Circuits and Electronics” (6.002x). Thanks to this post for reminding me. Wow! I have come a long way with MOOCs already then and I can say one or two things confidently.

From then on I have tried to get the time to take on more MOOCs. The Computer Science class CS50x by David Malan was also my favourite.

Of all the MOOCs I participated in 2012, I was able to finish just the one by my friend Kelvin Thompson the Blendkit Course. It was fascinating for me and I had a one on one relationship with the coordinator. The interesting thing to me is that we have authored two presentation on the Sloan's Annual Educational Conferences based on our interactions on the Blendkit Course.

This is just a brief so I will close on this: MOOCs has transformed my educational and professional journey and I am seeking ways to make it possible for more people to get on the jolly train of MOOCs because it is fun.

Thanks #OCL4Ed for making me to write this.

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