Saturday, March 8, 2014

Copyright and Licensing in Education: A Must for All

...Its a big deal that we educate the children to use stuffs ethically and responsibly because if they don't do it when they are little, they ain't going to do it when they are big and certainly they ain't going to do it when they are adult #Chris_Betcher

I have had a heavy dose of knowledge and awareness with my attendance of this course. Needless to say, something compelled me to go through page by page, link by link and video by video, I need the certification. This is needed in order to pass the same knowledge authoritatively to most of my colleagues in Nigeria.
The above was a motivation, however going through, I have earned beyond a certification already and this has impacted my whole life as a digital age person.

What I have learned thus far.
So what have I learned in 4 weeks or thereabout:

  1. Understanding of the creative commons licenses I see every time at the bottom pages but neglect. From my perspective as a software and particularly open source advocate, I understand the GNU licenses to a certain degree but creative commons are just clear to me now.
  2. I now know several errors that I have committed in the past about other people's work. This is so much in the images area. I have decided to look more into licenses before using that next image
  3. #OER has a lot of provisions already that I can be part of and make direct use of and that is what I will look out for in the nearest future
  4. This #mOOC has made me to relate with other people's stories from other countries and we have shared respect knowledge on how things can move forward.
  5. I have added to my info list and I am glad I know about OER Commons now. It adds to MERLOT that I am already part of.

Using my latest equipping
Why I picked this sub-topic on equipping is simple, I realize that there is a lot of work to be done if so much ambiguity on educational resources especially digital resources will be used ethically and responsibly. The prelude at the top of this blog is from Chris Betcher and I'm really fascinated by the perspective and mindset.
It starts with making a compendium of all I have learned and discussing it with my unit members. I will start from my end to start to use the materials from the Internet appropriately. Then how can this be taught to just everyone in the educational sector - administrators, teachers and students in like fashion. This is an important assignment that needs to be carried out and I am offering to start here and now.

I will surely be coming back to this resource since it is what will organically be on for me personally, as an advocate and as a stakeholder in the education sector. Thanks @Wayne Mac and Randy Fisher for directing me to this resource in the first place. I appreciate everyone.

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