Friday, March 4, 2016

Understanding Blended Learning

#Blendkit2016 is phenomenon to me because I am gradually seeing the fruition of a vision in my organization and nation in terms of the 21st Century learning paradigms.

I will start by encouraging you to read my initial blog post on this topic Blended Learning as a Service #1 in 2012. The post is still refreshing to me today. I wrote all my post from the viewpoint of "as a service".

Reading through the blendkit reader again material again, I will like to comment on the following:
I find the five design activities highly interesting. Nobody should miss it. See below
5 Main Design Activities are:
  1. Identifying learning and teaching principles. 
  2. Describing organizational contexts 
  3. Describing discipline-specific factors
  4. Selecting and situating appropriate learning technologies
  5. Articulating the complementary interaction between classroom and online learning activities

Then I extended the two Detailed Personal Reflection here:

In blended learning, typically the face-to-face component is supported by supplementary online content. This is usually contained within an LMS, often with asynchronous discussion groups and synchronous sessions, and it may take the form of blogs, podcasts and multimedia simulations. 
This is good for face to face class that wants to be transformed to a blended form.

Conversely, a blended course might exist primarily online, with a few face-to-face meetings for more experiential learning opportunities such as labs, visits to specific sites, or face-to-face orientation sessions so students can meet each other and the instructor.
This is good for a distance learning course that wants to be transformed to a blended form. In such cases that requires more practical component, the main programme may reside online while an attachment for the practical component means a meeting schedule. examples of likely programme include Nursing, some Engineering courses etc

Thank you for your time and I will be up for comments from anyone.

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