Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blending Learning as a Service #3

Blended Assessments of Learning

Like the no-child left behind policy, assessment helps the tutor to measure in qualitative terms if the central message of the subject is passed across.

#Blendkit2012 noted, teachers who evaluate their students' performances by using a mixture of tests - some online, some offline - have experienced more fruitful outcomes.

The most crucial step needed in each lesson is the preparation of transfer of learning strategy. If learning is not transferred from the point of learning to practical application, there can be no positive return on investment of the time needed to create, implement, and evaluate the lesson.

The learning standards must be addressed, yes, but also find a real life application to better your students' understanding of the materials covered. If this is not done, much of your time, and your students' time, has been greatly wasted.

Interaction encourages a teamwork approach while assessment is simply an individualistic thing. Each student of the course has a responsibility to show proficiency of the course materials. The tutor hence has to test with various means and patterns as possible to measure every student's grasp of the service rendered.

Assessment has to come through the same means of learning too. The informal must always precede the formal in order to make all the participants grow without restrictions.


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