Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blending Learning as a Service #4

Blended Content and Assignments

This is the meat of the blended learning experience, HOW do you offer the learning experience?
A consistently well-thought plan needs to be used at this stage to integrate and cause a synergy of all the instructional strategies you have in order for the student to perceive a consistent learning notion while they take the course.

Continuing in the service perception, after production, it is imperative to sample how the product will be conveyed to the target audience. How is the blend presented in a way that excites the customer and attain utility in the learning experience.
#Blendkit2012 gave us a thinking point before we go out and offer the service to the clientele

  • the technology used
  • the learning desired
  • the context of use
  • the learner experience
  • the instructor experience
  • the nature of content
Questions must be raised for all the above and an organic chart opened to continually record and measure results as we implement.

The 21st century learner is tech-savvy from a unilateral look so, ask them questions before the class starts, present things in diverse dimensions, measure each person's readiness to use the tools that has been designed to convey learning and consider based on the data the evaluation has provisioned.

#Blendkit2012 infers, how we as educators teach, present content, allow learners to interact with content and with each other, and how we keep content sources current require new approaches. If we are open to combining the best of online and face-to-face courses, we may come to realize the promise of blended learning.

The above is so true.

Growth is intentional and in Blending Learning it is more emphatic. A mix of the Learning Activities means you have to be ready to know more than your course outline. Identification of the departmental guys that can help or even an organization that does that is imperative for success.

#Blendkit2012 outlined a table that can be used to startup and that is a good reference point as we start to navigate into the exploration ourselves.


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